Innovator 2016 Winners

Have you ever had an idea worth a million kroner?

Here it comes - the idea! Sitting right there, staring you in the eyes. What are you going to do with it?  This is where most ideas unfortunately come to an end. Many of us have good ideas, but there are very few who actually pursue them.

What do they do differently?

Everyday the media celebrates people who are accomplished in different, yet familiar areas like music, film, art or sports. Unfortunately entrepreneurs , those who make their ideas a reality, haven't been in the spotlight as much. However, through Innovator they are finally getting the attention and recognition they deserve. This community is increasingly becoming a part of the popular culture and a part of our daily lives by inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs who will shape the future.

And Innovator is designed to celebrate just that – young, bold, bright entrepreneurial minds with great ideas. It celebrates the effort and the person behind the idea, encouraging them, and others like them, by recognizing and validating the value of their work.

Top managers from business, investment and innovation areas looked trough Norway for months to find the best candidates. The jury has had a very difficult task of deciding who will be the winners of the night, because, as we all know, Norway is home to some of the best, and brightest young minds in the world. Some of the most promising entrepreneurs in Norway took home prizes worth 700 000 NOK.

Here are the winners of yesterday's categories:

FlowMotion took home 250 000 NOK from Sparebank SMN 1 for winning the Student Innovation Award category. Their stabilizator for GoPros won them yet another prize.


Winner of the Young Innovation Award, which is designed for women scientists and entrepreneurs went to Tine Hunt, the founder of GlucoSet. Tine won 200 000 NOK for her innovative product that monitors blood sugar levels in sensitive patients.

Tine GLucoset

Venture Cup Norge had two winners – one for the 'Main' and the other for the 'Entrepreneur' category. Winner of the Main category was BlueBird, a company that developed a clever way for your devices to interact with each other. 'Entrepreneur' category was won by Sevendof, for their new take on the industrial drone.




The winner of this year's Take-Off award was CageEye.


This concludes another year of great ideas and brilliant entrepreneurs, and we can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us.



Photos by: Kai T. Dragland

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