Our Team

Presenting the Technoport team, working hard to create a community of innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization.
Technoport Team 2016

Lars Kristian Iversen, Daglig leder / CEO

Ensures the Technoport organisation meets its goals set out by the Board of Directors.

lars.iversen@technoport.no / +47 948 84 480

Hermann Ørn Vidarsson, Head of Events

Responsible for the successful implementation of the annual Technoport conference and other Technoport events throughout the year.

hermann@technoport.no / +47 957 09 885

Kaja Mehl Thuestad, Head of Administration & Project Manager

Administrator and manages various Technoport projects throughout the year. 

kaja@technoport.no / +47 980 70 821

Marie H. Johansen, Head of Exhibition

Responsible for the Expo and meeting places at the annual Technoport conference. 

marie.johansen@technoport.no / +47 995 82 535

Karlo Soltic, Project & Communication Manager

Works with Technoport's online presence. 

karlo@technoport.no / +47 934 01 582

Ole Strøm, Web & Graphical Design

Keeps our Graphical profile and website up to date

ole.strom@technoport.no / +47 480 97 010

Tomasz Bielec, Producer

Helps produce our annual Technoport Conference

tomasz.bielec@technoport.no / +47 469 38 414

Ona Nordbø, Project Assosiate - Fremtidscamp (Youth Camp)

Works with Fremtidscamp (Youth Camp) in assosiation with NTNU. 

ona@technoport.no / + 47 478 96 951


Our event volunteers

To help us create awesome events, we have a group of amazing volunteers!

Do you want to be a part of our team as a event volunteer? 

Please contact us at hello@technoport.no


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